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"Wow...just WOW..."
“Kevin allowed me a positive and non-judgmental space to overcome the voice in my brain that had kept me tied to a negative past. Wow….just WOW. I felt like I saw my story unfold right in front of me! Through Kevin, I learned to support my TRUE story and to not assume or believe anything, but to find confirmation in the facts of my current experiences instead of the memories of my past.” Beverly Annette
"I am so grateful that you see my passion..."
“I learn to level up just by being around Kevin. They say we are the average of the 5 people closest to us, and my average in confidence, clarity, generosity, and playing increased with every conversation we have. I am so grateful that you see my passion and my potential and that you hold that space for me. Seriously, it gives me such bravery and boldness to know you’re in my corner. I can’t thank you enough.” Chrisie Pelaez – Massage Therapist and Anxiety Coach
"Kevin's superpower is seeing your superpower..."
Kevin’s superpower is seeing your superpower before you can see it, yourself. He helps you identify it, own it, and empowers you to shine. It’s a noisy world and in a land of coaches coaching coaches to coach, Kevin stands out. He helps you harness your gifts and strengths so you can use them in ways you never imagined. Working with Kevin, you’ll identify and realize dreams you never knew you had and you’ll be guided through the steps of making them happen.” Heather Gray – Mindset & Performance Coach
"As a coach I also need a coach..."
“Kevin is a wonderful coach. He has great insight into human nature, and his best asset is his heart and his powerful way of connecting with you at a deeper level. He makes it easy to tell him difficult stuff and he makes it easy for you to find your own answers. As a coach I also need a coach, and I can’t recommend Kevin enough. He’s very creative and a wonderful leader. He’s in the right business, helping people become better versions of themselves.” MJ Horstkamp –Certified High Performance Coach

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