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Frequently Asked

What can coaching do for me?
Coaching provides many benefits: Heightened self-awareness, Better emotional responses, Improved leadership skills, Increased empathy, Calm thinking, and More. Imagine your life and your goals when you are working with these advantages. Life would change on your terms.
How is coaching different than therapy or counseling?
In coaching, you seek to understand your obstacles by becoming clear on your thoughts, emotions, stories and beliefs so to clarify your goals and create action plans to achieve your desired results. In therapy, it is to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, feelings and sometimes physical responses.
Who hires coaches?
People who hire coaches know life has more for them. They are people who want their lives to move beyond “as is.” They seek to live, think and feel differently and move more directly toward their definition of success.
Things are already great in my life. Do I still need a coach?
Coaching is not something you need, it is something you deserve. It’s an investment in your mindset and in the results you want for your life. Through coaching you’ll realize additional possibilities that are available to you. You’ll have new, richer choices to act upon.
What can I expect working with you as my coach?
As your coach, I am a non-judgmental, empathetic listener. I am your incubator, where you can unwind, consider, and understand your thoughts. I believe your voice is powerful, particularly when your are first given the space to be heard and trusted. I’ll hold that belief for you until we can believe it together and I’ll encourage you as take your powerful voice into the world and continue to work toward your success.

What Others Are Saying About Kevin

Gained So Much Self Esteem...

“Kevin and his life coaching has changed my life so much for the better. He has helped me understand myself and why I would do certain things I did. I have gained so much self esteem, confidence, and joy in my life that I completely lacked before. I am learning to love myself. With his guidance I no longer worry all the time about what others think or do. I had pretty severe ADHD to the point it was really affecting my job but since Kevin help I am off my ADHD medicine and have my thoughts and mind under control just by what I learned from Kevin and the books he recommended I read. I am so very grateful for Kevin and all he has done for me.” Toni Rae Barker Langley

Eradicate self-doubt...

“Kevin is a man with heart. His passion for coaching is truly in service to you. His coaching style showed me how to eradicate self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. Kevin’s compassionate coaching skills will motivate, inspire and create change within. I would highly recommend working with Kevin to begin your own transformative process.” Sonja Anastasia

You've Made It This Far...

My friend, there is so much more available in life. You want more vibrancy, more freedom, more passion and more connections in your life. Most importantly, you want to know you matter in all that you did. You’ve made it this far, led right here for a reason. Are you ready to trust why?

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