Live a life of your design.
Lead others with confidence and compassion.
Create a legacy that changes the world, starting with yours.


Do you ever have days when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or ready to give up? Do you dream of making a bigger difference with your life, but see time slipping away? Do you ever tell yourself that things in your life need to change  – financially, physically, emotionally – but have no idea where to start? Changes like these begin with a shift in your mindset.


How well do you know yourself and what you can achieve? You are not alone if you are still discovering your greatness. Once you develop trust in who you are now and have a clear vision of who you want to become, you begin the journey towards a better life and an enduring legacy.


Create powerful mental frameworks for your thoughts and emotions. Choose new mindsets rooted in growth, contribution, and love. Learn how this shift can dramatically impact your outcomes.


Master your emotions by understanding their influence over you and others. Learn how to harness emotions to increase your energy.


Experience the power of awareness and clarity. When you know who you are, what your true purpose is, and what you should do with your life, you truly become unstuck.


Use this powerful personality test to discover what your attitudes towards life, tasks, happiness (or maybe contentment/satisfaction), and stress say about you. Let ELI reveal the authentic/real you.

What Is Mindset Performance Coaching?

We grow very comfortable with our thoughts over time. Thoughts can sometimes become invisible obstacles to the results we desire, lowering our performance in imperceptible ways. With mindset performance coaching, you develop mental frameworks that allow you to achieve and sustain your full potential. By drawing on your emotional intelligence, beliefs, attitudes, and identity, you will enjoy greater energy to pursue your dreams and to realize your vision.

Look at the following comparison of questions. Would shifting your perspective make it easier for you to achieve your goals?

Old Mindset vs New Perspective #1

Do you see only obstacles ahead, OR do you recognize opportunities even in adversity?

Old Mindset vs New Perspective #2

What role comes more naturally to you: playing the victim OR believing you are a winner?

Old Mindset vs New Perspective #3

Do you bear (or suffer) the costs of being reactive OR enjoy the gains (or advantages or perks) of being responsive?

Old Mindset vs New Perspective #4

Do you allow emotions to drain you OR do you understand how to use emotions to charge (or energize or revitalize) you?

Old Mindset vs New Perspective #5

Do you feel like an impostor unworthy of the things you desire OR a leader who deserves the life of your dreams?

Break The Cycle.
Find The Balance.
Choose A New Story.
Free Your Mind.

Right now you may be thinking to yourself: Is this right for me? Will this make a difference in my life? But ask yourself this also: What will my life be like if I do not try something new? You already know the answer.

I invite you to have an open, authentic and transformative conversation with me. I use to question my self-worth, my place in the world, my voice. I invested considerable time and energy to articulate the questions, to understand the practices that can break us free of limiting thoughts, and to develop a mindset based on action and the realization of our full potential and dreams.  What value would this conversation bring to your vision?